Help me raise funds to beat rare cancers...

Family and friends,

Cycle for Survival is a cause that’s important to me. My dear grandad, died of a brain tumor in 2001. I know far too many wonderful AMAZING humans who are currently battling or have battled cancer themselves. I’m riding on Feb. 24, 2018 to beat rare cancers, and I need your help to meet my fundraising goal. I wish I could say "I LOVE cycling as much as I love Unicorns and Dancing!" but I don't lol.  I'm super pumped to Ride and do my part if it can HELP and SAVE others in future. 

I have a goal of $1,000 (holy moly!) I'm currently at $315, which is great! If you are able to donate a little or more than a little or a lot, I'd be so grateful, anything helps.  

PLUS, 100% of every dollar you give will fund lifesaving rare cancer research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Many cancers are considered rare—lymphoma, thyroid, stomach, all pediatric cancers, and others. Yet research to develop new options for these patients is often vastly underfunded.

Together, we can give doctors and researchers the resources they need to combat these diseases. Discoveries and better treatments will be possible through your generosity.

Click on the button below to visit my fundraising page and make a donation that will truly make a difference. Thank you for your support! 


If you read this entire email and clicked on link AND donated, I believe you have just earned so many YOUNicorn Points which will last a lifetime. YOU ARE TRULY OUTRAGEOUS and SO MUCH MORE! 


Shawna (Miz Shawna) Whitlock